Sperling takes gold at Tournament of Champions

August 21, 2021

2021 TOC Sr MD Pro Sperling/Lopez vs Booth/Gingrich

Sperling/Morariu gets gold at New Jersey pro tourney

August 2021

Paul Olin & Dave Fleming VS Mircea Morariu & John Sperling

New Jersey APP tournament

August 12-15, 2021

APP New Jersey Open – $25K (Hosted by Kasandra Gehrke and John Sperling)

APP Announces Partnership with Chicken ‘n Pickle for NEXT GEN

July 2021

APP Gold Medal Pacific Northwest

July 2021

2021 APP Pacific NW Mens Senior Pro
Sperling/Gingrich vs Booth/Ruiz

John Sperling joins Team Zelus

July 2021

APP Gold Medal

June 2021

2021 APP Indianapolis Mens Senior Pro
Morariu/Sperling vs Witsken/Weinbach